Stonework Gallery

Click on images to see a gallery of a sampling of the stonework landscaping created by Powersource Landscaping.

Flagstone PatioPatio with sitting wallPatio with sitting wall view 2Culvert Stonework Before4Culvert Stonework AfterLocust Terraced GardenSmall Natural Stone Wall Raised Bed and Flagstone Walk Bed and Stone Bench Flagstone Patio Back Path Back Path Driveway Driveway Front PathFront PathFront Path 2Front Path 2 Front Path 3 Front Path 3 Front Wall Front Wall Path and Arbor Path and Arbor Patio Patio Split Rail Border Split Rail Border Split Rail Border Split Rail Border Flagstone Patio and Walls before Flagstone Patio and Walls after Sitting Wall beforeFlagstone Wall Raised Bed in Winter Stone wall and raised bed